Monday, November 9, 2009

There were good times....

As stated before, my hair’s health and length will fluctuate constantly. The best hair days were during the periods I had a regular stylist. Like most women, every two weeks I was in the shop on a Friday night or Saturday morning getting my hair laid. In between shop visits I flat ironed every day and moisturized sparingly. I wanted my hair to flow in the wind so moisturizers were not a daily option back then. Bad habits caused my stylist to work harder to keep my hair at its healthiest. While living in Atlanta my best friend, Rose, introduced me to Keysha Gauthier . What I love about Keysha is that she specializes in healthy hair and she educates her clients about their hair.

When I first sat in Keysha’s chair my hair was extremely damaged. I was unemployed at the time and needed a professional hair style for interviewing. Keysha gave me a bob cut that fell right at my ears and I almost wanted to cry. I lost a lot of length because my ends were damaged and split. However, for the first time in a long time my hair had bounce and body and I LOVED it. I told Keysha once I landed a permanent job I will continue to see her on a bi-weekly basis.

As promised, once I landed my permanent gig every 2 weeks I was in Keysha’s chair. She grew out my bob to right above my shoulders and my hair was in its healthiest state ever…until the big move to Houston which caused my hair to revert and journey to start again.

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