Monday, November 16, 2009

Partner UP!

Getting a gym partner is great for boosting motivation to get in the gym. Having a gym partner means you are more likely to exercise. I have a die hard gym partner who motivates me not only to hit the gym but work hard while I’m there. Like me, she is no nonsense and have no time to worry about “being cute”. As a matter of fact, we prefer to sweat our hair out as a way to gauge our intensity. Additionally, she loves trying out challenging routines and mastering them which ultimately speeds up our fat burning rate.
For those of you who prefer to workout alone but still lack motivation find a support group. Linking up with others with the same goals provides accountability; and a little accountability can lead to results. There are many support groups out there. Dr. Ian’s 50 Million Pound Challenge is just one of many sites you can join with others in your area. Let’s not forget yours truly, Ms. Harmony, who will continue to provide motivation right here at Naturally Free 2B Me every week.

So go on…get healthy!

Here's my gym partner!

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