Monday, November 16, 2009

Eating Balanced Meals

Eating a balanced meal means consuming foods from all the major food groups in the recommended servings. Having a balanced diet ensures your body gets all the nutrients needed for good health. A couple of months ago I visited my nutritionist for a brutal review of my eating habits. After a strict review of my food journal, the nutritionist noticed that I eliminated carbs (i.e. potatoes, rice, pasta, etc.) from my meals. For me, eliminating carbs caused cravings for “sugars” or “sweets”. This explained my afternoon snacking of chocolate minis or the office doughnuts that slowly packed on the pounds.

Here is a breakdown of my suggested meal plan: Carbohydrates 50% of calories, Protein 20% of calories, Fats 30% of calories, total calories per day 1600 along with eight glasses of water. Now 1600 calories may seem a lot but this is efficient for me to maintain normal daily functions. Furthermore, I work out at 3 or 4x a week so the high calorie intake is needed to replenish my nutrients. Each person calorie intake is different depending on several factors like weight, weight loss goals, age, and fitness levels. It’s best to consult with your own nutritionist or dietician for a customize plan. My meal plan is easy to use with minimum restrictions that make it easy to follow. More importantly, my “sweet” tooth is under control which makes it easier to keep the extra pounds off.

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