Monday, November 30, 2009

The Journey starts here...

Once my quest for healthy started I immediately faced a road block. I had no idea what to do or how to do it. A couple of years ago I bought, read, and comprehended Cathy Howse’s (Howse) book “Ultra Black Hair Growth II: Another 6“ Longer 1 Year from Now”, but my impatient got the best of me. I only followed her tips for about 1 month before throwing in the towel. Now I’m at a road block and need help. 

My BFF called me one day to tell me about the No Trim/Deep Conditioning Challenge she was starting. This challenge was my first introduction to hair boards, blogs, and sites because this challenged was hosted on Healthy Textures. The site taught me so much information, it was god send. I noticed the women were using a lot of the same techniques Howse talked about in her book. Finally, I was able to see how proper technique, patience, and a little love goes a long way for maintaining healthy hair. I started the challenge in September 2008.

Based on all the knowledge I gained from the site, I started a personal no heat challenge for year starting December 2008. My goal was to learn how to style and care for my hair without heat. My hair suffered from heat damage way to long; plus I needed to break my addiction to daily flat ironing. Yes, you ready right I use to flat iron my hair every day!! Next month I will meet my goal and I’m so proud of myself. Within the last 11 months my hair was flat ironed, professionally, once and only for a length check and trim.

In January 2009, I decided to stretch my retouches from 8 weeks to 12 weeks. Stretching my relaxers helped me hair to thicken greatly. By this time I was learning to master the art of braid outs, roller sets (Mohawk technique), and Bantu knots. Wearing the curly styles became very convenient because styling in the mornings were minimized (somewhat). My hair was thanking me for the break away from heat. During salon visits, rod sets became my friend because the “no heat” challenge applied hairstylists as well.

By March 2009, my new growth was in full effect and I was in love. Remember, my last relaxer at this point was in December 2008. My curly styles were bigger and more beautiful because of my new growth. The thought of getting a relaxer and having bone straight hair was starting to bug me. By the end of the month, I decided to embark on a more natural journey.

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