Monday, March 12, 2012

Weekly Inspiration

"You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable in order for change to happen..."
-Jillian Michaels

Quick Hair and Life update

These last couple of months has been really busy for me. Between my 9-5, my niece, my business, workouts, and balancing a healthy relationship my plate has been full. Despite being constantly on the go, I’m enjoying every minute of it. Taking care of two heads of hair hasn’t been easy because I’m dealing with my niece’s two textures. She arrived last year relaxed and I refused to give her a touch up. The plan is to slowly grow out her relaxer while she is here and my sister plans to keep her natural from there. In order to make sure both our heads are getting the proper attention I had to split up our wash days.
I must admit our wash days have not been consistent all the time and there were times I skipped a week but never to go beyond two weeks. My niece hair is thriving and growing beautifully; not to mention my hair which is doing quite well. This year I decided to switch up my routine and not focus so much on protective styling. About two maybe three months ago I gave myself a trim taking off at least an inch which setback my length goal. This doesn’t bother me because the health of my hair is the best it’s ever been. The two styles I love right now are two strand twists and twist outs.
Since I work out 5-6 days a week I have to wet my hair constantly. The two strand twists provides protection and an extra day for my hair to dry eliminating direct heat. Unfortunately, my hair does not dry over night unless I sit under the dryer for 20 minutes prior to going to bed. The next day I wear my twists in a side pony tail or bun with a headband or flower. Surprisingly, I love how my hair looks pull back and the twists are so convenient especially during my workouts. The day after I take the twists down for a twist out and it looks so pretty. So far this is my routine and it works for me which helps so much during my workouts. Soon I will post my daily upkeep of my twists and twists out while working out.
Until next time… Ciao!!

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Guess who burst through their plateau!

The title says it all and that’s right your girl burst through her plateau and I’m so excited. For a while now I’ve been researching proper eating habits and last year decided to become a pescetarian (vegetarian that eats fish). Since making that decision I cut out dairy products and sugar as well and experienced some results.
The turning point in my weight loss is when I increased my workouts to 6 days a week and read the book The Raw Food Detox Diet. If you haven’t read this book and trying to refine your eating habits then read this book. The book is not about a quick weight loss “diet” but is about a way of life that’s easy to follow. Well of course making a “change” can be difficult but nothing anyone cannot conquer and succeed at doing. This book will debunk a lot of myths about eating such as having a balanced meal with protein and carbs. With this book I learned about food combining for better digestion which takes away carbs from your meal when eating protein. Some tips I learned about food combining are: do not eat protein with carbs, eat all fruit as its own meal, and any type of “melon” like watermelon should be ate alone.
The valuable tips I learned from this book helped me to burst through my plateau. Now I weigh 135lbs and I’m so excited. Soon I will post pictures but with everything going on I have not had time to slow down and take pictures. The goal is to take what I’ve learned from this book and research about veganism to devise a healthy eating plan for myself. Of course I will share this information with you in the future but for now take a look at some of the yummy foods I’ve enjoyed.
Raw Banana Ice Cream

Protein Shake and Raw Salad

Kale Chips - this is my FAVORITE!!