Monday, August 16, 2010

Weekly Inspiration

“Don’t compromise yourself; once you begin doing that, you will begin losing yourself.”

-Al Pacino Haul

If you are not familiar with you must check it out. The clothes on the site are stylish, affordable, and great quality. A fellow blogger Jonesy asked to see my haul. Check out the Bliss List  for more on fashion, hair, and travel. Have a great week ladies!!

I absolutely love this!

This is not a dress it's a tunic. These leggings are from too.

The shirt is from and the skinny leggins are Express.

Your Comments Matter!!

This post is dedicated to all my followers. Let me say thank you for taking the time to read my posts. Secondly, for the positive feed back!! All my posts are based on my experiences, research, and random thoughts I want to share. A lot of your comments have helped me make decisions and I learn from you guys.

For example, after my big chop I wore afro puffs or my infamous twist-n-bun to work. Then I just focused on my twist-n-bun because it’s a protective style that lasts during my work outs. Well I started to have mixed feelings about not wearing my afro puffs and exposing my natural hair. Honestly, I toggled with the idea of wearing my natural hair out instead of protective styles. Well my confirmation came within the comments section of my “hair update”  post:

his hers said...

Congrats on your BC!! It looks like you are a little longer than I was when I BC on Christmas 2008. I can't wait to see more updates!! Take advantage of protective styles as much as possible, even if just during the week to give your hair a break, it helped me out not only with growth but retaining it!

A big THANK YOU to Lo from “his hers” for giving me the confirmation I needed. Now I wear protective styles during the week and wear my hair out on the weekends: giving me the best of both worlds. Again, thank you to all the ladies for supporting my blog!!

Sporting my afro puff at my cousin's baby shower.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekly Inspiration

I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4 (New International Version)

Which is more work relaxed or natural hair?

Natural hair is an interesting subject. On my journey I’ve learned through other women’s experiences that not everyone is a fan of natural hair. With this knowledge, I used my time transitioning to fall in love with my new growth as a way to “soften” the negative blows. So far I’ve only had one negative comment and not sure if it is considered negative. When I told my sister about my big chop her response was “you chickened out because you should have cut your hair shorter (i.e. TWA) and started from there”. Help me out please; is there really a difference as long as I’m natural?

A week or so ago, I hosted a baby shower for my cousin at my house in which my afro puff was debut. Surprisingly, none of my family commented on my hair. They said nothing! At the end of the night I was surprised because how could they not notice. Also, I didn’t make it a point to say “hey I’m natural notice my afro puff” because the puff will speak for itself. Plus that day was all about my cousin. However, the more common response I’ve heard which sparked an interest for this post was “natural hair is just too much work”. Really, natural hair is more work than relaxed hair?

Now this comment was burned in the back of my head for a while especially since it keeps coming up. When relaxed I was clueless on how to take care of my hair. Every 4-8 weeks was relaxer time and every morning I flat ironed. The result was shoulder length hair and constant breakage. Now that I’m natural more time and work is spent on my hair. The reason is because our hair is delicate and I treat it that way. Time is spent getting to know what my hair likes, dislikes and correcting the issues. Research plays a big part in my journey because I’m constantly educating myself on kinky afro texture hair. Now that I have acquired so much knowledge on healthy hair in general, these same principals I will use if relaxed.

Bad hair days are going to happen and they happen for relaxed ladies too. Just because bad hair days are inevitable is that a reason not to continue my natural journey? Not having the patience to find the best products for my hair is a reason not to continue my journey? Even when relaxed all products did not work wonders on my hair. These thoughts are not random because these are just a few reasons my sister gave for relaxing her hair. Of course there is more to that story which was explained in a previous post.

At this time, I do not have an opinion about natural hair being more work than relaxed because I’ve been natural for only a month, today. Since the big chop my hair is in protective styles 95% of the time. For now, I’ll give myself more time in the “natural realm”, if you will, before formulating my own opinion. What do you think?

Protective Style: Flat Twists

Since my big chop I've experimented with flat twists as a protective style. You know me, I’ve watched several you tube videos on how to perfect the style. So far my styles are presentable because I can not braid or twist. BUT, practice makes perfect right? Let me know what you think!

My Mom's Afro Puff

My mom is in LOVE with her afro puffs! Check her out!!