Monday, February 28, 2011

Week Inspiration

Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.

--Harold R. McAlindon

First Wash-n-Go - KCCC

The forecasted weather this past weekend was mid 70s – lower 80s and cloudy. I decided to experiment with a wash –n-go since the weather is semi perfect and humidity is very low. Since Sundays are my normal wash day I was going to co-wash before applying the Kinky Curly products. After watching several videos on how to apply the products correctly I decided to shampoo instead. The previous week I wore flat twists and used Shea butter to twist my hair. In order to guarantee there was no Shea butter residue I decide to shampoo.

Detangled – Herbal Essence Totally Twisted
Shampoo – Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Leave in conditioner – Knot Today (KT)
Gel product – Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC)

For each section of my hair I added the Knot Today then the KCCC. My hair was dripping wet before applying the products with a water bottle in reach for re-wetting. For each section I applied a small amount of KCCC and racked my hair with my fingers in a downward motion for definition.

Hair w/o product

Hair w/KT and KCCC

Finished Application

The KT made my hair feel like silk. When I applied the KCCC on top of it the silky feeling went away temporarily. The KCCC really defined my curls I was amazed. Actually, my hair started to curl up after the KT application. Afterwards I really loved my results shrinkage and all. Next time I’ll experiment with the curly girl method because I think that process will take less time.

Heat damage??
In different sections my curl pattern is looser. When I seen the front section my first thought was heat damage. But when I examined my ends they were curly and healthy so heat damage was definitely ruled out.

Windblown hair

As you can see my hair still has a lot of movement. This picture was taken two hours after I finished applying the products. The KCCC gave a firm hold and shine but my hair did not feel crunchy.

Grilled Chicken Pasta Salad


Chicken Breast
Red Peppers
Green Peppers
Black Olives
Feta Cheese
Whole Wheat Pasta.
Tomato (optional)
Cucumbers (optional)
Red Wine Vinaigrette (RWV)


Grill chicken breast the way you like it and then chop. Cook pasta and rinse to cool. Chop red and green peppers, tomato, and cucumbers then add to pasta. Toss in olives and feta cheese. Lastly add ¼ cup RWV and toss. Sprinkle fresh black pepper to taste. Refrigerate for at least 2 hours to chill.

This is an easy and delicious receipt. You can add your favorite spices to the salad. This recipe is perfect for me because it does not contain mayo eliminating the extra fat and calories.

So go ahead and try the recipe and let me know what you think!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Weekly Inspiration

“To thine own self be true.”

-William Shakespeare

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Products – First Impression

Normal wash day was last weekend and I used the Giovanni (GSS) shampoo and conditioner. The reason for switching up my shampoo and conditioner is to rid the dryness from my hair after shampooing. Well I must say that these products fulfilled my desire.

After using a dime size of shampoo for each section of hair, my hair felt very soft and moisturized. Following my shampoo I dc’d for 30 minutes using my heat therapy wrap and followed up with the direct leave in conditioner. To air dry I simply twisted my hair in sections after applying the direct leave in. My hair loved these products and I’m impressed. This morning my hair felt so soft and moisturized to the touch. All I added was cocoanut oil and styled, that’s it. Even now five hours later my hair still feels soft and moisturized.

Since my first impression was a great one I will continue to use this product line. At the end of the month I’ll give a follow up review. If you are looking for a natural/sulfate free product line then I recommend Giovanni. These products are found at your local Whole Foods store retailing $7.99 per bottle.

Until next time…chao!


This week is recovery week in the INSANITY program. The end of last week marked the end of week 4 in the program. Honestly, I have yet to lose any weight. I have strictly followed the meal plan and pushed myself thru every workout. Since I do not believe in depriving myself cheat days were allowed only for special occasions. Despite the lack of weight loss I’ve been able to maintain my current weight. So far I haven’t noticed a difference in my clothing either. Truly I believe my plateau is due to my eating habits.

Now when I say eating habits I do not mean “eating bad”. I think my caloric intake needs to increase in order to speed up my metabolism to burn fat. The second half of the program I do not plan to follow the meal plan. I will continue to practice my healthy eating choices because I cannot afford not to. At this point I chose to make a change in order not to get discourage. Surely, I’ve gained muscle which may explain the lack of weight loss. Honestly, not seeing the numbers lowered on the scale is a little discouraging. So in order to keep the momentum going and energy up I’m hiding my scale!

Despite my results so far, I highly, highly recommend this program. Once my 60 days are complete I plan to start the program over. At this point I haven’t set any short term “weight” loss goals to avoid extra stress. The goal is turning healthy eating and fitness into a lifestyle. With that said I plan to continue on my journey and never give up!!

Valentine’s Day

Hopefully everyone had a day filled with love. For those who did not have a “special” someone to celebrate with you took time for yourself. This year the holiday wasn’t major for me but we celebrated anyway. The hair style of choice was a flat twist out which I used the Giovanni foam. A review on the foam is coming soon. However, I wanted to share some pics with you guys. Chao!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Inspiration

"The Lord is my shepard I shall not want"

Psalms 23

The Road to BSL

This year I plan to focus on length retention in order to reach my goal of bra strap length. Currently, my hair has never been this healthy or this long ever. Amazing right?! For me to reach bra strap seems a little impossible but I know with consistency, patience, and proper care my goal is achievable.

The plan to reach my goal is simple.

1. Wash/Condition once a week

2. Protein treatments once a month

3. Moisturize daily

4. Wear protective, no heat styles Monday-Friday

5. Maintain my hair’s proper ph balance

6. Continue to eat healthy and exercise daily

7. Have patience and be consistent

Every three months I will do length checks to track my progress. On average my hair grows about an inch and a quarter every three months which is less than average. In December I will flat iron my hair for comparison shots from 2009-2011. The last three years my hair went through a lot of changes from stretching my relaxers, to transitioning, and finally doing the big chop. Now that my hair is at its healthiest I can finally focus on length retention. Please stay tuned and watch me grow!

The Road to BSL - First Quarter (Starting Point)

7 Month Comparison

Here is a seven month comparison of my hair since the big chop.

July 2010

February 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Giovanni Hair Products

The first step to BSL hair this year is changing out my hair products. Currently, I’m using Kera Care ph balanced moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Now I love Kera Care products but I wanted to use a non-sulfate shampoo. Lately, I’ve noticed that my hair is really dry even after using a moisturizing shampoo. Now Kera Care does have a sulfate free line but I wanted to try something new. So I opted for Giovanni smooth as silk deep moisture shampoo and conditioner.

My first encounter with Giovanni’s products was with the direct leave in conditioner. This conditioner is amazing for my hair and it spiked my interest into other Giovanni’s products. This weekend is wash day so I will use the shampoo and conditioner for the first time. Next week I’ll give my first impression on the products.

Just a side note, I had to order a new digital camera and hopefully it arrives tomorrow. Once I received my new camera I’ll post my starting point for my growth challenge. Please share your hair goals or any goals you have for the year. Also, if you have used Giovanni’s hair products please share your opinion.

Chao for now!