Friday, January 28, 2011

Saying Hello and Updates

First off “Happy New Year” even though my New Year’s wishes come at the end of January. For me the year started off with a death in the family and then I was sick with an upper respiratory infection. Needless to say my year started off on a bad note but I refuse to let my “start” set the tone for the rest of year.

After recouping and getting back into my normal groove I set a couple of goals for myself this year. Unfortunately, the weight I loss last year was gained right back during the holidays. The old song and dance has started with my weight loss. This year I’m going in insane with the INSANITY workouts by Shaun T. So far it’s been two weeks and the DVDs are getting addictive. The program is for 60 days and instead of tracking weight loss I’m using pictures to document the changes in my body. Of course I will keep you updated on my results. This year’s fitness goal is to get the weight off, keep it off for good, and tone up. The yo-yo effect has truly grown old to me.

As far as my hair, length is the focus for 2011. July 9 will mark my one year anniversary since my big chop. March 2011 marks two years since my last relaxer so this year I’m hitting some major marks. By December 2011 my goal is bra strap length which is about another six inches. So the plan includes protective styling and moisture! For me, protective styles work due to my fitness regimen and lack of styling creativity.

Well those are my goals for the year and now that they are shared with you the “accountability” kicks in. Please continue to stay tuned for more posts and updates.

Chao for now!