Monday, November 16, 2009

...and there were BAD times

An opportunity of a lifetime presented itself which required me to move to Texas. I had high hopes for Texas and was very excited about my new adventure. Surprisingly, it was difficult for me to find a stylist of the same caliber as Keysha (please refer to “There were good times post). Keysha was nice enough to provide me KeraCare hair products to hold me off until I was able to find a stylist. I was so touched by her thoughtful act; it made me miss her even more. She was truly a friend as well as my personal hair stylist!!

The search for the perfect stylist wasn’t an easy one. Let’s just say I ran into my fare share of scissor happy stylist who didn’t know what they were doing. I can not place all the blame with the stylist because I’m to blame as well. Here are a few bad habits that needed correcting in order to see my hair long and healthy.

1. Going more than two weeks without a shampoo.
2. Not d/c on my own
3. Not moisturizing and sealing my hair daily
4. Flat ironing every day without heat protectant
5. Not maintaining moisture/protein balance
6. Using improper blow drying methods
7. Over/under processing my relaxer when done myself
8. Stressing over situations that were beyond my control (major issue that needed conquering)

For the next four years after leaving ATL, my hair never grew past my shoulders and I was frustrated. At one point I found a stylist who is the male equivalent to Keysha. My time with him was short lived because I was soon unemployed again and could no longer afford his services. But wait; there is a bright side to all of this! Once I was settled at permanent employment I finally found a stylist I can trust and loved. With her help I was able to get my hair back on track. This time I tried working with her by changing my “at home” hair habits that stagnated my growth. With this new found determination my quest for healthy hair began.

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