Monday, November 2, 2009

Hair History Facts

For as long as I can remember my hair has been chemically altered. As a child I went from having a Jheri Curl to a relaxer to a Jheri Curl and back to a relaxer well into my adult years. I’m sad to say that I have no idea what my natural hair looks like. Unfortunately, I don’t have any childhood pictures of my hair but I will say my hair never grew past shoulder length.

Throughout my teenage years and well into adulthood I struggled with maintaining my hair. My hair’s health and length constantly fluctuated because of poor maintenance. In high school during my “Poetic Justice” days I had to try braids. Since I had no clue on how to maintain braids at that time I suffered hair loss. My braids were falling out from the roots because my hair lacked the moisture it needed. That’s right ladies, even if you are wearing braids you have to moisturize your hair.

Another hair loss culprit for me is STRESS. Stress is my hair’s worst enemy! A couple of years ago, I was so stressed out due to personal issues that my hair suffered badly. My hair was in its worst state ever: short, dry, brittle and thinning. In order to save my tresses I sought professional help, Hair Club for Men. I was so devastated after leaving my initial consultation. I hate to admit that I signed up for treatment; but I terminated my contract before the trial period expired. One of my bff introduced to me Nioxin to help with my thinning and shedding tresses. I must admit Nioxin was my hair’s savior. However, without the knowledge I possess today and bad styling habits my hair’s overall health only improved slightly.

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