Monday, July 19, 2010

My Big Chop

Excited! That’s how I feel right now. So let me start from the beginning. First of all I’ve been battling with the thought of bc’ing for awhile. In a previous post, I declared that I will continue to transition until next year. Well…..

After a couple of my fellow long term transitioning sisters I communicate with on blogs and through you tube took the plunge, the urge came back. Then the urge subsided again until I took down my crochet braids and really took a good look at my hair. Then the urge came back again so July 5-9 I toggled with the thought because I had so few relaxed ends. I just needed a sign right, RIGHT! So my fellow blogger Robyn  posted she bc’d only after 9 months of transitioning. That was the confirmation I needed because I said what the hell I’m going to take the plunge. Then I went straight home after work and cut away.

Well not really! Actually, I cleaned my house, wrote future blog posts, exercised, walked RJ, talked on the phone, etc… Yup, I was procrastinating. Around 11:30 pm since chopping my hair was still on my mind I just went for it! I mean why not I literally had strands of relax hair left. Seriously, why was I trying to hang on to it for so long?!

To start I section my hair into four then started in the back. For each section I parted smaller sections and cut away. To curl my hair I only needed water and a stroke from my imitation Denman brush. Once my hair curled up I cut it at the demarcation line and repeated for all four sections.

My hair before the big chop

Sectioned my hair into 4 parts then section each part with smaller sections to cut

Up close pic of my curls with only using water and my imitation Denman brush

Look at my curls...I never knew my hair was this curly

All the relax ends are finally gone

Shed hair after detangling my whole head. This is great!!

Back length check - collar bone

Front length check - bottom of my nose

Once complete, I styled my hair in my favorite protective style: the twist and bun.


Deborah Estelle said...

Congrats! :) It is not an easy move.

No change is easy even when we know we are doing the right thing!!! To let go the 'security' of the known for a plunge into the unknown is hard.

Sure! You've seen other natural hair sisters' but they aren't you... Their hair isn't on your head!

I went through the same thing... Now that my length is coming back I feel better... And I am still getting used to my texture. Been natural most of my life but always added - color, straightened. Once added a texurizer... SMH!

I wasn't comfortable with my natural curl pattern. In my eyes... Too curly! Too TIGHTLY curled! Length yes... Hang? No!

I'm still getting comfortable. This time I'm convicted not to color, use unatural products or straighten. I may still weave if I feel the urge (to color ect) but I don't want to damage my precious curls or change the texture...

I'm proud of you! I know it wasn't easy! It's a different look but when you look back in a year... 5 years... 10... You will be SO glad you did it!

Ms. Harmony said...

You are absolutely right. Thank you for all the support. Embracing my new growth was/is a challenge. Now that I'm 100% natural there are going to be more hurdles to overcome. I'm looking forward to my 1, 5, and 10 year anniversary. For now I'm taking it month by month because now my experimenting has to start over. I'm noticing that my hair is reacting differently now that the relax ends are gone. However, I am enjoying the freedom of being relaxer free.