Wednesday, March 17, 2010

No more EXCUSES…It’s your decision

Every now and then when one of my friends needs help with something I suggest You Tube. Our conversation usually ends with me saying “you know I’m addicted to You Tube”. HA! It’s true I am addicted to You Tube and I love it. When opportunities present themselves, I’m searching the Tube for Natural Hair or Long Term Transitioning videos. On the tube I run across a lot of natural sisters that took the plunge and BC’d and they are rocking FIERCE TWAs (teeny weeny afro). Watching these videos all the time only makes me rethink my decision to transition long term over and over.

Deciding to transition long term was an easy decision for several reasons. First, I have no idea how to take care of the afro. Second, I prefer to have long hair now and go shorter in my old age. Lastly, I rather not start my natural journey with two inches of NG. Even though I’m firm with my decision guilt creeps into my subconscious when I watch other videos. I start to question my decision. Surprisingly, I had another long term transitioning sister tell me that my hair will grow faster if I cut it off. Then I thought to myself, in this same conversation she confessed that she refuses to cut her last two inches of relax ends. Now I’m not judging that sister at all I just nodded and said “really”.

So today is the day I make my declaration: I will stop questioning my decision to transition long term because it’s my decision and my hair.

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Fashion Rehab said...

funny enough, i cut my hair 2008 summer, it was as low as a guy would cut his hair and it was really hard to keep it cos it hurt combing it. But for those who are able to keep it, I think it's quite cool cos it looks really nice. But at the same time its a lot of work. If you can handle it, I don't see why not. I have relaxed my hair now though. :)

ps: I am a follower of your blog and you can check out mine, and I would not mind if you returned the favour.

thanks :)