Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Trip to Braid Shops end with Trip to ER


You have to check out this link for the story. On my way to work this morning I was thinking about getting my hair twisted by my braider. I've had the same braider for the last two years and I love her. BUT after reading this story I may take a walk on the "wild" side and try the twists myself.

What are your thoughts?


Deborah Estelle said...

Very sad! I just read on another hair blog about alopicia (spelling?) in black women in particular.

While I am not against weaves/braids I do believe we have to be more intentional about taking care of the hair UNDER the weave/braid.

We have to SPEAK UP when the braids are too tight and demand better service from our so called 'natural practitioners'.

Too many people who braid hair at these so called 'african shops' don't even have healthy hair themselves! Proof that going to them isn't going to make or keep our hair healthy.

They often charge outrageous fees (upward of $100), sometimes offer average work and don't have clean conditions. They don't make sure the hair is clean, conditioned or even combed/brushed properly...

We on the other hand are, often, so concerned about our look that we don't even care if it's healthy!

We've got to do better as black women with caring for our hair!

Just say NO to tight braids, tight weaves, unhealthy hair products and stylists who care nothing about hair health!

Ms. Harmony said...

You are absolutely right and this lady's story is so sad. So many women do not speak up when it comes to their hair, even to their regular stylist in the salon. "We" know our hair better than anyone and have to get past the stage of just wanting to look good. We have to do what is healthy for our hair and now health according to this article. My natural journey has taught me to care more about the health and maintenance of my own hair...and I'm grateful for that.

ShanSoPink said...


Ms. Harmony said...

...that's what I said!!