Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Mom is staying the course!

After my big chop of course the first person I called was my momma. It was the first time the words “I’m 100% Natural” uttered my mouth. Bursting with excitement is an understatement because I finally accomplished my goal and a burden was lifted. After chopping off my hair I felt like a new beginning just started for me. It felt like my hair slate was wiped clean and now I can focus on nothing but growth. 

Right now as you read this post, I’m still in amazement of my naturally curly hair. Like I said before, chemicals have been a part of my life since I was very young. Literally on July 9, I seen my hair for the first time and I was blown away. Now I understand other naturals who bc’d and fell in love with their hair. Or women who bc’d and say they felt free. These were my same feelings. Right now I’m chuckling to myself because the next day when I was running errands my thoughts were “I just want to go home and play in my hair!” Who knew?!

After sharing all my happiness, photos, and feelings with my mom her feelings about her hair soared. In a previous post, I mentioned how she was walking towards the verge of relaxing. Now she is excited about her hair and itching to take out her tree braids and do the big chop. Of course I’m like go for it mom!! She wrote down product names and watched the you-tube sites I recommended for her. She finally visited my blog and fell in love (of course) and asked me “when are you going to make videos”. HUH?! Honestly, I never thought about it and prefer not to be in front of the video camera. HAHAHA!

Now back to enjoying my curls, waves, and kinks!! Till next time ladies…


*stacie-ann said...

very courageous of you. i've been trying to go natural. but, i've caved and permed my hair few weeks ago. =/

Ms. Harmony said...

The good news is you can always start over. Transitioning is tough and it takes determination and PATIENCE. I totally understand where you are coming from. My mom almost caved too. Good luck on your journey and thanks for commenting!!

Pinkie Anggia said...

Beautiful hair.. ^^

Pinkie Anggia


Ms. Harmony said...

Thanks so much!