Monday, March 1, 2010

2011 Hair Goal

This month marks my 1 year anniversary of being relaxer free. Getting to this 1 year mark of transitioning was not an easy task the last couple of months. Of course in the beginning, my hair was easier to style and mask the two textures with curly hair styles. However, as my hair grew I found it difficult to style my hair curly. A couple assumptions are first I may need to switch up products. The products that worked when I had ½ inch of new growth (NG) is not working as well with 4.5 inches of new growth. Secondly, I need to learn how to style my hair with the two textures. Styling my hair with only ½-1inch of NG is a lot easier than 4.5 inches of NG. Plus my NG is longer in the back than the front. Also, my straggly ends are so thin compared to my NG that wearing my curls are the only option. Just to add another factor to the mix, I work out at least five times a week. Since I work out so much curly styles and pin ups are my best friend.

About a month ago I decided to set myself a hair goal for 2010-2011. For the next 16 months (March 2010-July 2010) I will keep my hair “hidden”: meaning corn rolls, flat twist, kinky twists, etc. This is the best solution I have to keep myself sane and away from flat irons and relaxers. I want to have a successful transition to natural hair without heat damage or reverting back to relaxers. Secondly, keeping my hair “hidden” gives me one less worry during workouts. Tentatively, July 2011 I plan to do my own big chop (BC). “Tentatively” is the key word because I’m still unsure and it depends on my mindset in July 2011. Why July 2011? No significant reason besides July 2011 will make 2 years 4 months into my transition.

As stated early, I’m not sure if the BC will happen July 2011. All I know is dealing with two textures is getting more difficult. I’ve experimented with a “faux” wash n go and love the convenience and easiness of the style. After that experimentation, my desires for natural hair sky rocketed. I’m very anxious for 100% natural hair but patience is a virtue.

Now that I have shared this goal with the entire world to read…there is a duty to follow through. Wish me luck!!

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