Monday, February 15, 2010

Semi “faux” Wash n Go

The last month of my transition was very challenging especially during workouts. Now as stated before, curly styles have saved me up until this point. However, the more new growth (NG) the more work for battling the two textures. Since I sweat a lot during my intense workouts my curls do not survive after leaving the gym. Washing and re-rolling my hair every night after the gym is not an option.

Time is not on my side when I get home mainly due to my new puppy. Much like a toddler he requires attention, love, food, and potty time. RJ is a Jack Russell Terrier and his breed is very, very active. Spending time with him when I get home is a must, especially now that he is a puppy, in order to bond. Any way I digress, washing, re-rolling, and air drying over night will only lead to a semi disaster in the morning. With the much loved NG, my hair takes longer to air dry so the next morning I will awake to damp curls.

Now before my 4 inches of NG I could workout 3-4 times a week and wash my hair at the end of the week no problem. But now I will experience major dryness from all the sweat left in my hair for days. My solution, rinse or co-wash my hair every night, twist in four bantu knots, and air dry. For moisture I use any conditioner mixed with pure glycerin and coconut oil. The next day my hair is damp so I pin it up or wear a ponytail. For now, this is my “after workout hair routine” until I can figure out a better plan for my 11 month transitioning hair.

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