Monday, March 1, 2010

Unofficial Weigh-in

This is an unofficial weigh-in because these pictures are comparison photos only. Between these photos there is a 5lb difference and I think the weight loss shows. One friend stated she didn’t see the difference but I do; or maybe it’s just all in my head.

Needless to say the comparison shots motivated me to continue my workouts because I see results. Comparing pictures in my gym clothes gave me a misleading view and I started to get discouraged. I’m on a mission to achieving my goal physique by the end of the year preferably before my birthday in September. Over the course of this year I have a couple of events that I’m using as milestones. Unlike most, I need many, many short milestones in order to achieve my ultimate weight goal. For each milestone I want to loose at least three to five pounds. That’s a piece of cake, right? Not really for me because around February and March I’ll hit a plateau. In the past, when I reach a plateau my desire to workout diminishes because I get discouraged. This year I plan to fight through it and keep going. Most importantly, right now I feel amazing and very happy with my results so far.
Milestone 1 – March 13 (Wedding Reception)

Milestone 2 – March 20 (Wedding in Atlanta)

Milestone 3 – May 6 (Nephew band recital, Atlanta)

Milestone 4 – September 28 (Birthday)

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