Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Curl Disaster using Perm Rods

One cold but beautiful Sunday afternoon was my Normal Wash Day. My protective style of choice for the week was a rod set using perm rods. I chose perm rods because I wanted small curls. Plus I thought the smaller curl the longer the style will last. For most this is true!

Products used to set hair:

1. Hawaiian Silky

2. Proclaim 7 Oil

3. Lotta Body mixture (50/50 water & lotta body)

Dry time: 45 minutes w/ heat then air dry over night

Result: A hot mess!! I ended up pinning my hair up for the week. My new growth was so puffy and out of control. I was so disappointed. Yes, my hair was completely dry the next day; however, I didn’t pull the rollers taut enough to avoid massive bushiness.

I know this protective style is great for transitioning hair but obviously I did a couple of things wrong. My first mistake was not pulling the rollers taut enough to tame the bushiness at the roots. Secondly, I should have added Aloe Vera gel for a light hold. Lastly, I used the wrong rolling technique. I rolled the perm rod closed to my head mimicking rolling your hair for a roller set but spiraling my hair on the roller. Confusing? Yes, I know but I didn’t take pictures of my hot mess. I was a little discouraged even though I received compliments at work. I watched a ton of different videos on you tube as a refresher. I’m not giving up and I will try the style again and master it, hopefully. Currently, I’m 9 months in my transition and maybe my new growth is too massive. Despite my massive new growth, curly styles are great and convenient for me especially since I work out. So as they say, “back to the drawing board.”

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