Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The take down...

The day finally came to take down my hair. The take down happened during the weekend of Thanksgiving because I just couldn’t stand another day in my weave. I enjoyed it while it lasted but I was missing my hair terribly.

1. Once the braids are out: saturated my hair with Rose water and glycerin

2. Detangle

3. Add ORS Hair Mayonnaise from root to tip – protein treatment
 Eight months of new growth!

4. Plat into several braids

5. Sit under the dryer 30 minutes for protein treatment

6. Shampoo scalp only with clarifying shampoo

7. Shampoo hair with ORS Shampoo

8. D/C with heat 30 minutes – ORS Replenishing Conditioner

9. Leave ins – Neutrogena Triple Moisture, Aphogee Keratin Spray, and Proclaim 7 Oil to seal Coconut Oil

10. Plat hair in twists to air dry over night or pony tails using ouch less holders

11. Coconut oil – heat protectant

12. Flat iron

13. Trim

My results were amazing and I’m quite pleased. It seems the MTG Sulu Growth (MTG) was a success! The take down process was very, very simple. Detangling was a breeze to my surprise. I’m assuming because my hair was moisturized from oiling my scalp every week with the MTG. The end result was very soft manageable hair. I used the coconut oil for the first time as my heat protectant which made my hair silky smooth. The coconut oil is definitely a staple product and I prefer it over the EVOO. Since I flat ironed my hair, now until next wash day I will moisturize twice a day and wear pin ups.

APL? Maybe? Hopefully by the New Year!

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