Wednesday, December 9, 2009

To Bun or not to Bun…

…that is the question and the answer is Bun!! Since I took out my weave and flat ironed my hair, enjoying my length seemed like a no brainer. NOT! By the following Monday it was raining and my new growth curled up. At the time my only wish was that I was fully natural but my time is coming. That night I went home moisturized, sealed with EVCO, and braided my hair. For the next couple of days I rocked braidouts and by the end of the week it was snowing in Houston. Since then I decided to bun until the New Year to keep my ends protected from the dreadful weather.

Wearing my hair in a bun for the next three weeks will help me to finish my personal challenge: No Heat for 1 year. Within the last year I’ve only flat ironed my hair only twice for trims. Abstaining from daily heat styling was hard but I had a little help which I will explain in a later post. However, this challenge has only given me great results and I love my length.

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