Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Hiding away...

For the past three months I’ve been wearing a full sew in. A full sew in is where none your hair is exposed. I must say that I miss my hair! On the flip side, I was able to tuck away my hair and give it a break from manipulation. My hair thrives off just being “left alone” which is very similar to my personality. Every week I cleansed my scalp and oiled with MTG Sulu Growth. Once a month I will wash my weave hair to get rid of product build up, dirt, etc. I’m anxious to see my progress. My goal is APL by December 2009 which I know is a stretch because my hair grows roughly ¼ inch per month.

I’m ready to take out my weave so I can continue to learn my hair. I’m still in the product experimentation stage but I’m getting closer to finding my “holy grail”. I’ve concluded that my product usage will change once I’m fully naturally. A month or two before my sew in I finally figured out the perfect mix for soft, shiny, bouncy spiral curls, when doing my roller sets. The main reason for getting the weave is because other transitioners ran into the most trouble doing their 6th month transitioning. I wanted to avoid any issues for as long as I could because I’m still on the fence.

Hopefully my take down will happen the weekend of December 4. I plan to take the whole weekend because I’m going to take my time doing each step. Here is a step by step action plan.

1. Once the braids are out: saturate my hair with Rose water and glycerin

2. Detangle

3. Add ORS Hair Mayonnaise from root to tip – protein treatment

4. Plat into several braids

5. Sit under the dryer 30 minutes for protein treatment

6. Shampoo scalp only with clarifying shampoo

7. Shampoo hair with ORS Shampoo

8. D/C with heat 30 minutes – ORS Replenishing Conditioner

9. Leave ins – Neutrogena Triple Moisture, Aphogee Keratin Spray, and Proclaim 7 Oil to seal Coconut Oil

10. Plat hair in twists to air dry over night or pony tails using ouch less holders

11. Coconut Oil -  heat protectant

12. Flat iron

13. Trim

14. length check – July 2009 to December 2009

15. Wear buns or pins up until next wash day

16. While hair is flat ironed moisturize twice daily – morning before work and before bed.

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