Monday, September 26, 2011

Temptation is everywhere…

The last couple of days I’ve watched people eat; eat whatever they want when they wanted healthy or not. At times I wanted to join them and put some of that yummy goodness in my belly. Then there were times where I secretly criticized them to myself about how much fat, sugar, or salt the food item contained. Each day I’m learning more and more about healthy eating and living a vegetarian lifestyle. The information is pretty much the same despite the source which is great because for me that’s less confusion.

The cravings I’m having start because of boredom or simply hunger. The new approach is to just simply eat something or drink a cup of water to ease the craving. This approach usually does the trick because most times I’m hungry and it’s simply lunch or snack time. Additionally, hunger can be a sign of dehydration so the next time you feel hungry grab a cup of water.

How many cups of water did you have today?

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