Monday, September 26, 2011

Confessions – Tangled and Knotted Hair

Between the massive heat wave, exercise routines, work, and business my hair has taken the back burner. For the last couple of weeks I’ve washed and conditioned in the shower or co-washed without properly detangling or deep conditioning. The result after weeks of this and sporting my favorite protective style was massive tangles and knotted hair.

Luckily the tangles and knots did not lead to massive hair loss but I did lose more than normal. Even though I co-washed mid week to add moisture my hair was still dry. Last wash day I decided to give my hair some much needed attention. For detangling my hair is divided up into four sections. In each section I took smaller sections detangled, moisturized and twisted. That night I slept with my silk bonnet with hopes to a decent twist out the next day.

Normally flat twists give me the desired look since my hair is on the thin side. To my surprise I had the best and biggest twist out ever. Amazingly, soft moisturized tangle free hair over night that I absolutely love. Every night I re-moisturized, twisted my hair up, and slept with my bonnet. Since my workouts are in the mornings after untwisting my hair is pinned up in a protective style. The twists give my protective style texture which is adorable to me.

In order to reach my end of the year goal I have to get back on track. This is my new routine until the end of the year.

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Tiffany said...

I am having a knotty tangled day myself. Time to condition.

Peace, Love and Chocolate,