Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No Meat/Dairy/Sugar 3 Week Challenge – Day 1

As you know I’ve started reading “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone as part of my vegetarianism research. In the book she has a chapter called Flirting which basically gives tips on how to flirt with the idea of vegetarianism. The next three weeks I plan to do just that, flirt. The goal is to stay away from meat, dairy, and white sugar. I know the plan was to start after I return from Europe but the anticipation is getting the best of me. There is one exception: I can eat meat once a week.

Why the exception? Because the challenge ends right before my trip to Europe and I want to avoid any sickness for consuming meat. After abstaining for so long your body gets used to not having meat and reintroducing it is not pretty. To avoid getting sick and setbacks having meat once a week should help. The meat I consume has to be organic chicken or turkey, and wild fish. That’s it!!

Today, August 29 (previously written), is day 1 and for breakfast I had a strawberry/vanilla protein shake with two pieces of whole wheat toast. For lunch was black beans topped with jasmine rice and green beans. In between these two meals I ate organic baby carrots and 2 mandarins. I feel really light and satisfied but for some reason want chocolate. The funny thing is I’m not craving it or on an emotional roller coaster, I just want it. Because this is really odd I decided to start documenting my journey and writing this down. Hopefully the writing will help me to stay focused and away from candy.

The challenge is only three weeks and I’m really trying to lose 5 pounds before my trip. If I do not reach the 5lb mark then no worries.

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