Wednesday, September 7, 2011

No Meat/Dairy/Sugar 3 Week Challenge – Day 4

Today, September 1 (previously written), is day 4 and I must admit I’m doing pretty well staying away from meat, dairy and sugar. So far I haven’t experienced any uncontrollable meat and dairy cravings which is surprising. Actually, I thought staying away from meat will pose a great challenge. However, it’s only day 4 so I’ll hold that thought.

Even though I have not consumed meat I make sure to get a daily source of protein. The main protein source for this week was black beans which I love. On day 2 I tried a tofu pad thai frozen dish that was really good. Shockingly, the tofu did not taste “different” and I’m sure a meat lover would have loved the dish as well. For the last three days I have self analyzed myself trying to see a difference in my energy levels. Every morning I get up and work out for 30 minutes. Currently, my work out DVD of choice is Jillian Michael Ripped in 30.

Honestly, I feel lighter and not weighed down. Usually, after eating lunch I’m literally nodding at my desk at work. These last three days that was not case and I’m very alert. Mid afternoon the sluggish feeling has disappeared the last three days. Most importantly I’m regular and eliminate daily which is HUGE because my digestive system is getting on track. Daily elimination is pertinent for releasing toxins from your body.

There might be something to the vegetarian diet after all!

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