Monday, September 5, 2011

No Meat/Dairy/Sugar 3 Week Challenge

Reaching the age 35 is such an amazing milestone and I’m so blessed to reach this age. In efforts to continue my healthy living lifestyle I decided to embark on another journey. Currently, I’m researching vegetarianism. That’s right! This change is solely for the purpose of losing weight. When I turn 50 I do not want to look back on my 30s and wonder “what if”. So the time to start is now.

Just in case you are wondering, no I am not obsessed with having the “perfect” body. However, I am a little down about the lack of results even though I work out and eat fairly well 90% of time. Maybe 85% of the time I eat well because deprivation is not an option for me: moderation is the key. Despite my efforts there is something not adding up and it has to do with my eating habits. Ultimately, I want to become the best “Me” possible and it starts with my diet.

Now to avoid becoming what most call the “junk food” vegetarian I’m doing a lot of research. So far I’ve watch documentaries such as “Food, Inc.”, “Food Matters”, and “The Future of Food” just to name a few. Also, I’m currently reading “The Kind Diet” by Alicia Silverstone. Changing from meat to no meat is a process and I plan to take my time and do it right. The next month is all about research so when I return from Europe (35th birthday self-gift) it’s full throttle right into it. I chose to wait until my return because honestly I do not want to think “hard” about food and have set backs in Europe.

Even though my sole purpose is losing weight, I’m anxious to see how different my body will react to my new lifestyle.

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