Monday, September 26, 2011

The Road to a Perfect Smile

A couple of months ago I decided to purchase invisalign to fix my smile. Growing up I was teased because I had beaver teeth. Slowly as I got older I grew into my smile and now most people cannot notice. Now here is the perfect place to add a childhood picture but unfortunately I do not have one. However, I will post recent pictures of my smile.

The road to a perfect smile is only 8 months and I’m excited about that. Every two week my dentist instructed me to switch out the trays. The goal is to wear the trays at least 22 hours a day excluding meal and snack times. The first day or so of wearing them was a little weird. First there was the tightness around my teeth and then the slight speech impediment.

Now no one at my job noticed that my speech sounded funny but I can hear oddly. Friends and family didn’t notice the difference either. Words that start with “s” or end with a “t” pose the most difficulty and for these words I make a conscious effort to speak clearly. Any who as my journey continues I’ll keep you ladies posted.

This is a picture of my teeth without my trays. Can you see the "anchors" onthe side of my teeth to help give the snug fit.

Here is a picture with my trays. Believe me, I have the trays on in this picture. So far no one at my job has noticed them or commented on my speech.

Do you have or know someone with invisalign?

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