Thursday, February 18, 2010

What?! A Mini-chop!!

This past weekend the devil was busy in my world. With prayer from close friends and family I was able to overcome. However, in the midst I did get frustrated, stressed and did something I never done before. I took my frustration out on my HAIR and it led to a mini chop.

Until this point, I have been constantly trimming my ends twice a year in order to retain length because my hair has never grown past my shoulders. Well December 2009 I broke that barrier by reaching near armpit length transitioning hair. Since wearing my hair straight is not an option at this point because of the major difference in thickness; I thought why not. So chop, chop went my trusty scissors. For some, this cut wasn’t a big deal but for me it was a huge deal.

Chopping off the thin ends acquired during my transition felt really good. The overall feel of my hair is great and not to mention much thicker. Cutting my hair to above my shoulders really put BC in perspective for me. I’m not ready to BC which is no surprise but just 100% certain now. I plan to cut more at the end of the year to maintain this length and continue my long term transition.

This picture is before my mini chop (straightened hair 12/09).

This is after the mini chop. As you can see I really did not care and just cut away. The cutting began after my work out which helped to relieve some stress. The ends still have the frayed look because my hair was in a bun during the day. Heat styling is not in my future no time soon so I didn't care about making a even blunt cut; I'll clean it up later. However, there is quite a difference in thickness between the pictures and that makes me happy.

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