Monday, February 8, 2010

Just leave me alone…

Protective styles are the key to the success of my transition to natural hair. I prefer any style that is curly in order to mask the two textures. Additionally, curly styles are convenient since I work out 3-times a week which I plan to increase to 5 times. Curly styles also give versatility and freedom from flat ironing which can lead to heat damage.

While on my journey I learned to pay attention to my hair and learn what it does and does not like. So far the most important lesson I learned is just leave it alone. Unlike most, my hair thrives off just being left alone and low manipulation. So in order to give my hair what it wants I’m thinking about experimenting with kinky twists.

Now I’m hesitant on getting the kinky twists because of a bad experience with individual braids. When I had the individual braids I experienced baldness because of my lack of knowledge. Unbeknownst to me at the time, even though my hair was in braids I still needed to keep my scalp clean and hair moisturized. Since neither application was done or done properly I experienced baldness. Instead of individual braids, I wear corn rolls or French braids all the time. Yet, I want something different from the norm.

Since I know more now I plan to replace my bad experience with a positive experience wearing kinky twists. Before I just dive in and get them I plan to research you tube videos and ask questions on the hair boards. Once I researched all my information I MAY have the twists done by March.

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