Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fun with my Hair!

This weekend I decided to have fun with my hair and wear out with hair candy. Instead of my normal twists or afro puffs I opted for a braid out pin up.

Co-washed – Yes to Carrots Conditioner

Leave in – Giovanni Direct Leave in

Moisture – Shea Butter

Seal – Coconut oil

Definition – 100% Aloe Vera Gel

Humidity Block – Kera Care Humidity Blocker Hair Spray

Since I braided my hair late the night before my hair continue to air dry while running my errands. This beautiful head band made my cornrolls very cute and girly.
This is the result of my braid out I pinned to the side added this beautiful flower. This is a "Goody" flower I purchased from Target or Walmart for $6.


Anonymous said...

They have THAT flower at Target or Walmart?? Its gooooorgeous! And a nice contrast to your teal eyeshadow. Looks great.

Ms. Harmony said...

Thank you so much! I bought the flower at Walmart for about $3.