Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Adding a Twist to the daily Jog or Run

Last week was a lazy week for me in regards to workouts. Instead of skipping the whole week, RJ and I walk at least 1-2miles a day from Monday – Friday. Also, I concentrated on my eating habits for the week and made sure to stay on track. The results for last week was 5lbs lighter but I just lost the same 5lbs gained the prior weeks. So I’m back to the drawing board with trying to lose my last 9lbs.

During the week I was reading Experience Life Magazine and cross the article “The Shortest Mile Track Workout”. It’s a quick but intense workout within 20-30 minutes for beginners and 10-15 minutes for athletes. Since I’m always looking for a challenge Saturday morning I decided to try the workout. Here are the details of the workout.

Lap 1 – jog or walk the turns and go fast on the straights. For a short track complete the track by time: jog or walk for 30 seconds then sprint for 30 seconds, repeat for 3 minutes.

Lap 2 – Jog 100 meter then do 10 pushups: sprint 100 meters then do 10 crunches: jog 100 meters then do 10 prisoner squats: sprint 100 meters then do 10 squat thrusts.

Lap 3 – run 100 meters the jog up and down a flight of stairs (no stairs then do high knees for 30 seconds): sprint 50 meters then do 10 plyometric box jumps (no stairs I did squat jumps which is not mentioned in the article): sprint 50 meter then do walking lunges for 50 meters: jog 50 meters then 10 jumping jacks: 100 meters running but kicks.

Lap 4 – Wind down

Run 100 meters along the straightway staying short of a sprint: pump arms overhead as if punching the sky as you walk or jog 100 meters: side shuffle the length of the straightaway: pump arms overhead as you walk or jog around the final curve

This workout was intense and I love it. The plan is to incorporate this workout on the weekends when I can get to the track at 7am. Since I’m not sure the distance for 100 meters, I ran a quarter mile to switch between exercises which I found doing my research. Before taking on this workout please consult with your physician. Like I said it’s very intense. Unfortunately, I was unable to calculate calories burned because my heart monitor gave out. However, I can tell you I was drench in sweat. So go ahead and try something new and push yourself!


Redbonegirl97 said...

I wish that I could run, but I have a bad ankle that won't let me get to far.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Ms. Harmony said...

Oh I feel your pain...my knees are not in the best shape so I don't run every day. When I perform exercises like squats or lunges I'm very careful with form. You can always pace walk which also burns calories. The goal is to get moving! Well at least that's what I try to do at least 4x a week.