Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adding a little Honey to my Wash Routine

Last weekend I experimented with honey. There are many videos on you tube stating that honey is a perfect moisturizer for the hair. Honey is known to add shine and moisture so I decided to give it a try. Any type of honey is ok but I used raw honey because this is what I have. Since the honey is in a raw state I heated it for 5 secs in the microwave. This step is not necessary.

Here is a picture of my hair after taking down my Janelle M. inspired style.

Next I divided my hair into 4 sections for detangling. Each section was sprayed with water and lightly combed from ends to roots gently with my shower comb.

After detangling I applied a small of amount of honey to each section. A little goes a long way because too much can cause stickiness. Surprisingly the honey was easy to apply to my hair.

As soon as the honey hit my hair my curls started to pop (see picture above). My hair immediately looked shiner than the other sections of my hair. Plus my hair immediately started to shrink as well. LOL!

After applying the honey to all sections I used my heat therapy wrap for 30 minutes. Then, I followed my normal wash and deep condition routine. My hair felt oh so soft and moisturized without the greasy feeling. The honey washed out easily and did not feel sticky. The results were amazing and I plan to prepoo with honey for now on.

**Bonus pictures**
Impromptu length check:

BC-July 2010

2 months post BC-September 2010

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