Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weight Loss Tip 1 - Stock your Refrigerator

Today is my normal 1 mile jogging/walking routine with RJ. Before heading out to the park I needed to replenish my body with nutrients. Well my refrigerator is completely empty and I really need to eat; so what did I do? I went to McDonald's. Yes, I know a really BIG NO NO. To minimize the blow I ordered the Mac Snack Wrap which is not the healthiest choice but in my mind better than the Big Mac. Besides I'm going to park right after leaving the drive thru right. HA!

So I notice that McDonald's now have the nutrient labels on their food packages. Check out the label for their bacon egg McGriddles.

Calories - 420
Protein - 16g
Fat - 19g
Carbs - 48g
Sodium - 1190 mg

Now this wrapper did not display the nutrient value for the Mac Snack Wrap but after noticing the change I had to share with you guys. Again this is at McDonald's so I'm not sure if other fast food companies are doing the same.

For the nutrition facts on the Mac Snack Wrap, I went to for the info:
Calories - 330
Protein - 15g
Fat - 19g
Carbs - 26g
Sodium - 690 mg

The next time you cave in to fast food take a look at the wrapper as motivation not to make the same mistake next time. I did. Have a great weekend ladies!!


Redbonegirl97 said...

I try to keep a healthy fridge in mind when I hit the grocery store but sometimes I get sidetracked with my favs.

Peace, Love and Chocolate

Ms. Harmony said...

Oh yes I know all about getting just happened this weekend after the post. LOL! I bought the cinnabon cake bars from Target. BUT I gave half the box to my honey in order to share the calories then he ended up taking them all. So he actually saved me some un-needed calories. LOL!!