Monday, June 14, 2010

…another one bites the dust

Recently, I found out that my sister decided to relax my niece’s hair. Disappointment is an understatement regarding my feelings. My niece is 8 years old and had beautiful natural hair that is now relaxed. I’m sure the ridicule my sister received about her own hair weighed heavily on her decision. Of course my niece is in love with her long straight locks but then I wonder…Did she love her natural curls and kinks? This question remains unanswered for now but I plan to have a conversation with my niece. I just want to know her true thoughts about her hair before and now after the relaxer. As my memory serves, I cannot recall any frustration from my niece about her curly locks. Of course she loved to wear her flat iron because she loved her length. Any deeper issues regarding her hair went unnoticed by me.

Whether relax or natural our goal is still the same, to have healthy hair. I’m sure my sister realizes that the relaxer is not a substitute for healthy hair practices. However, the journey still continues with me and my mom. Right now my mom still possesses no desire to relax and I’m in the same boat. Now I will admit that cutting the rest of my relax ends is still at the forefront of my thoughts. I’ll discuss further in a future post. Until next time…


Makeup by Kim Porter said...

She's a cute little girl! Relaxer at 8? WOW! IMO, that's a little too young. The hair is still maturing at that age

Ms. Harmony said...

I agree. I think my sister own insecurities about her hair played a part in the decision.