Monday, June 7, 2010

…then there were two

For Mother’s Day I spent the weekend in Atlanta with my mom, family, and friends. I had a great time. My mom wanted to see Iron Man 2 so her wish was my command and we had a great time. For the past two years my little sister has been wearing protective styles while growing out her natural hair. Now that she was wearing her hair out I was excited and a little disappointed to see her.

The reason I was disappointed is because my sister decided to relax. Unfortunately, she was unable to bear through the ridicule from other ethnicities regarding her hair. She told me she was tired of going to work and explaining and educating others about her hair. In addition, not finding the right products for her hair type seemed more trouble and tiresome. So she decided to go back to the creamy crack. Of course I gave her words of encouragement about not caring about what others think. Moreover, I told her to make sure she keeps up with her hair’s maintenance because she can have healthy relaxed hair. She vowed she would and she only plans to relax once a year. Surprisingly, she has no problem with transitioning again if she chose. The next time around she plans to grow out her hair instead of doing the big chop. At least there is hope she will try the natural route again and maybe the next she will stick to it.

On the flip side, my niece is still natural and my sister has no plans on her relaxing her hair. My mom is still hanging in there AND she decided to get tree braids for her protective style after seeing my hair. She also concocted a conditioning mist for her scalp to keep in the added moisture. For her hair tools arsenal I gave her a shower comb to easily detangle her hair because she is about 90% natural. All in all, I had a fun trip as always and can’t wait for the next one. Take care!

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