Monday, June 14, 2010

Crochet Love

Eight weeks and I’m receiving more and more compliments on my crochet braids. The older the style the better and more natural it looks. Every week cleansing and oiling my scalp with my trusty oil mix is the routine to make sure my hair is moisturized. So far I’m still in love with the style and still feel fierce. I decided to keep the style up for another month as long as my curls continue to look fresh and crisp. Since I plan to keep my hair tucked away and protected the search for the next hair style is ongoing. For inspiration, I’m searing different looks by Alicia Keys.

In the meantime, in order to keep my curls crisp and frizz at bay I simply just cut the frizzy parts. That’s it! Since none of my hair is exposed because underneath the curly hair my hair is corn rolled I’m comfortable with cutting the frizzy parts. The beauty is I do not have to worry about un-even curls because the wilder my hair looks the more people love it. Funny huh?! Of course I plan to keep you guys in the loop for the next big style. Until next time…

Searching for frizz to destroy by cutting away

side view of curls

crisp curls 8 weeks later


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