Monday, October 31, 2011

Next Stop Paris

The next stop on this European adventure was Paris, France. Surprisingly, it took a couple of days but I grew to love Paris. Paris actually reminded me a lot like New York with all the hustle and bustle. Honestly, I expected a more laid back atmosphere but that wasn’t the case but still a lovely place to visit.

We visited a lot sites in Paris including the memorial for Princess Diana and drove through the tunnel that led to her untimely death. Paris has a lot to see and we did so much in such a short amount of time. During the total trip took over 500 pictures so I’ll only share some good ones with you all.

As far as hair, again we planned for cooler weather and ran into hot temperatures. By the time I reached Paris my hair was begging for water. Between the heat and sweat my hair was DRY! Again I only had my leave in mix and oil but I had to make it work. Instead of ignoring my hair’s needs I gave it what it needed, water. It felt really good to get my hair wet in the shower. Afterwards, I added my leave in to small sections and twisted it up to air dry for a bit. Later in the day I sported an afro puff.

Since the weather was so warm we b-lined to the first H&M for cooler clothes. H&M was semi successful because they had a few shorts and t-shirts on sale. The store was blanketed with fall/winter fashion and rightfully so since it was the end of September. Despite the lack of summer variety I was just happy to wear shorts so I can properly enjoy the weather.

Jim Morrison

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