Monday, October 24, 2011

My First Blow Out - Natural Hair

Last week I was in the mood for really big hair after watching a couple of you tube videos. Also I was very interested to see how a blow out will look on my hair. Hope you like it as well!

Blow dry using the tension method

Products used:
Avocado Oil


Lightly spritz with water
Added Avocado oil as a heat protectant
Pulled my hair taught and ran the dryer up and down/back and front

Back all done

The finished product. Loved it!! The Avocado oil kept my hair very soft and moisturized all day.

J loved it too!

A little shruken a couple of hours later but still love it!

Dry twisted at the end of the night using no product. The oil kept my hair soft and moisturized.

The next day after taking the twists out. It was ok but I decided to pin it up.

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