Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Kiddie Kurls Hair Regimen

As you know my 10 year old niece has come to live with me for two years. To my surprise she was relaxed after being natural for 9 years. At this time I have no plans to continue her relaxers even though my sister complains about the thickness and unruliness of her hair. For now I plan to mock my hair regimen for Kiddie Kurls and use the same products for awhile and assess the results.

The past year has been trial and error for me but I finally have a solid routine that is working so far. Every now and then I want to try a new product but the basics stay the same. Of course our regiment will have some differences because of our two textures. Again I plan to document her journey here so any and all advice is welcomed.

Weekly Routine (Basics)

Detangle (out the shower): Cheap conditioner wide tooth comb

Shampoo: Giovanni Smooth as Silk or Tea Tree Shampoo

Conditioner: Giovanni Smooth as Silk Conditioner

Leave in: Giovanni Direct Leave in (used for my conditioner mix)

Monthly Routine (Basic)

Deep moisturizing conditioning – ORS Replenishing Conditioner

Protein Conditioner - Aphogee

These are the basics that will happen every week and month. Right now I plan to experiment with current products to find the best daily moisturizer for her hair. Since I flat iron my hair once a year and air dry only, Kiddie Kurls' hair will not experience direct heat for a while. She loves to wear braid outs and rod sets so I plan to keep her hair in a textured state often. Once her new growth starts to come in I plan to use water and glycerin to manage it. This mix worked wonders for me during my transition. For now her wash day is Sunday and mine is Friday so both our strands can get the care it needs.

Are you a mom? If so please feel free to share your tips!!

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