Monday, February 7, 2011

The Road to BSL

This year I plan to focus on length retention in order to reach my goal of bra strap length. Currently, my hair has never been this healthy or this long ever. Amazing right?! For me to reach bra strap seems a little impossible but I know with consistency, patience, and proper care my goal is achievable.

The plan to reach my goal is simple.

1. Wash/Condition once a week

2. Protein treatments once a month

3. Moisturize daily

4. Wear protective, no heat styles Monday-Friday

5. Maintain my hair’s proper ph balance

6. Continue to eat healthy and exercise daily

7. Have patience and be consistent

Every three months I will do length checks to track my progress. On average my hair grows about an inch and a quarter every three months which is less than average. In December I will flat iron my hair for comparison shots from 2009-2011. The last three years my hair went through a lot of changes from stretching my relaxers, to transitioning, and finally doing the big chop. Now that my hair is at its healthiest I can finally focus on length retention. Please stay tuned and watch me grow!

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