Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Giovanni Smooth as Silk Products – First Impression

Normal wash day was last weekend and I used the Giovanni (GSS) shampoo and conditioner. The reason for switching up my shampoo and conditioner is to rid the dryness from my hair after shampooing. Well I must say that these products fulfilled my desire.

After using a dime size of shampoo for each section of hair, my hair felt very soft and moisturized. Following my shampoo I dc’d for 30 minutes using my heat therapy wrap and followed up with the direct leave in conditioner. To air dry I simply twisted my hair in sections after applying the direct leave in. My hair loved these products and I’m impressed. This morning my hair felt so soft and moisturized to the touch. All I added was cocoanut oil and styled, that’s it. Even now five hours later my hair still feels soft and moisturized.

Since my first impression was a great one I will continue to use this product line. At the end of the month I’ll give a follow up review. If you are looking for a natural/sulfate free product line then I recommend Giovanni. These products are found at your local Whole Foods store retailing $7.99 per bottle.

Until next time…chao!

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