Monday, February 28, 2011

First Wash-n-Go - KCCC

The forecasted weather this past weekend was mid 70s – lower 80s and cloudy. I decided to experiment with a wash –n-go since the weather is semi perfect and humidity is very low. Since Sundays are my normal wash day I was going to co-wash before applying the Kinky Curly products. After watching several videos on how to apply the products correctly I decided to shampoo instead. The previous week I wore flat twists and used Shea butter to twist my hair. In order to guarantee there was no Shea butter residue I decide to shampoo.

Detangled – Herbal Essence Totally Twisted
Shampoo – Giovanni Smooth as Silk
Leave in conditioner – Knot Today (KT)
Gel product – Kinky Curly Curling Custard (KCCC)

For each section of my hair I added the Knot Today then the KCCC. My hair was dripping wet before applying the products with a water bottle in reach for re-wetting. For each section I applied a small amount of KCCC and racked my hair with my fingers in a downward motion for definition.

Hair w/o product

Hair w/KT and KCCC

Finished Application

The KT made my hair feel like silk. When I applied the KCCC on top of it the silky feeling went away temporarily. The KCCC really defined my curls I was amazed. Actually, my hair started to curl up after the KT application. Afterwards I really loved my results shrinkage and all. Next time I’ll experiment with the curly girl method because I think that process will take less time.

Heat damage??
In different sections my curl pattern is looser. When I seen the front section my first thought was heat damage. But when I examined my ends they were curly and healthy so heat damage was definitely ruled out.

Windblown hair

As you can see my hair still has a lot of movement. This picture was taken two hours after I finished applying the products. The KCCC gave a firm hold and shine but my hair did not feel crunchy.

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