Wednesday, February 16, 2011


This week is recovery week in the INSANITY program. The end of last week marked the end of week 4 in the program. Honestly, I have yet to lose any weight. I have strictly followed the meal plan and pushed myself thru every workout. Since I do not believe in depriving myself cheat days were allowed only for special occasions. Despite the lack of weight loss I’ve been able to maintain my current weight. So far I haven’t noticed a difference in my clothing either. Truly I believe my plateau is due to my eating habits.

Now when I say eating habits I do not mean “eating bad”. I think my caloric intake needs to increase in order to speed up my metabolism to burn fat. The second half of the program I do not plan to follow the meal plan. I will continue to practice my healthy eating choices because I cannot afford not to. At this point I chose to make a change in order not to get discourage. Surely, I’ve gained muscle which may explain the lack of weight loss. Honestly, not seeing the numbers lowered on the scale is a little discouraging. So in order to keep the momentum going and energy up I’m hiding my scale!

Despite my results so far, I highly, highly recommend this program. Once my 60 days are complete I plan to start the program over. At this point I haven’t set any short term “weight” loss goals to avoid extra stress. The goal is turning healthy eating and fitness into a lifestyle. With that said I plan to continue on my journey and never give up!!


Vonn said...

Don't give up! It's very common not to notice a change during the first month of the program. In fact, most people notice a change during the second month. It is also a very good idea to hide your scale. I am also doing the INSANITY program (on week 4) and I stumbled across your blog because I am trying to find out how others care for their natural hair. I just took out extensions which I washed every few days, but the wash process with loose hair is completely different! Good luck =)

Ms. Harmony said...

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR COMMENT! I truly was debating on continuing the program. I just finished the recovery week. Today I start the second half of the program. I wish you much luck with the program and please come back for more updates. Thanks again!