Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Year and a New Way of Eating

For the past couple of months I restricted my intake of meat, sugar, and dairy. The reason was to lose weight and force myself to eat healthier. This experiment led me to make the decision to become a pesce-vegetarian or pescetarian. This means fish and dairy are acceptable in my diet. Some may say that pescetarians are not “true” vegetarians and that’s fine. But through my research vegans and vegetarians have to undergo strict diets in order to make sure their body gets the proper nutrients. Unfortunately, my lifestyle does not afford me the room to have such a strict diet which is why I chose to add fish and dairy.
Now fish and dairy will not become a staple in my diet but will give me wiggle room when needed. For instance, not all restaurants are vegetarian friendly and usually the best choice is a fish entrĂ©e. Adding fish and dairy back into my diet doesn’t make the practice that much easier I still have to get creative with meals and snacks. Plus the plan is to eat fish once or twice a month only when eating out with family and friends.
For clarification, this practice is to aid my weight loss and force me to make better eating decisions. Unlike most vegans/vegetarians, this practice only pertains to my eating habits. With that said the picture above is my first attempt at a healthy “vegetarian” snack that’s really easy to make.
Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves, green goddess seasoning, and balsamic vinaigrette. To make this a fun party appetizer, put the tomato, cheese, and basil leaf on a tooth pick, sprinkle the seasoning, and drizzle the balsamic. Yum! Enjoy!!


Goldilocs said...

looks yum!!! I too restrict my dairy intake while being a vegetarian for healthier ways to eat and to remove weight as well. I enjoy finding new recipes and going strict vegan months at a time. I find that since I do love to cook it gives me lots of opportunities to try some really great and so healthy recipes that dont wreck havoc on your waistline.

once I introduce dairy again into my diet, I'm SO going to make that picture you have up there! looks so healthy, fresh and yummy!

Ms. Harmony said...

In the beginning when I restricted dairy I lost 4 pounds and I didn't experience bloating. Also to help satisfy craving for cheese because I love cheese I ate the veggie shredds which were pretty good. I'll have to do another post on the dairy subs that I currently now enjoy. Hopefully you will experience even better results. Come back for more recipe ideas and thanks so much for commenting!!