Monday, January 9, 2012

Dancing off the inches and getting down with Kelly Rowland

Last week I found a new way to add cardio to my fitness routine but in a fun way. For some this is not a new concept but I must admit I had doubts before. The new found discovery is dance fitness videos. Yes that’s right! As you know Netflix has great fitness workouts you can stream to your T.V. or rent DVDs such as “The Biggest Looser” and “The 30 Day Shred” by Jillian Michaels. Well last week I tried my first cardio dance fitness video by Crunch Fitness and absolutely loved it.
The dance cardio routine took the “work” out of “work out” and I actually had fun with all the moves. Since I loved it so much I search for other cardio dance videos to try on Netflix as well. These dance routines are definitely going into the fitness rotation along with Jillian Michaels and Insanity. This new discovery is just what I needed because cardio is a very important factor for my weight loss goals.
Other fitness DVDs added to the mix are “Crunch Super Charge Kickbox Party with Jeanette Jenkins” and “The Hollywood Trainer – Sexy Abs with Kelly Rowland”. Some of you may know that Jeanette Jenkins is a personal trainer to the stars. For some reason, I’ve been slow to buy any of her fitness DVDs and for no particular reason. The workout with Kelly seems very intense and I can’t wait to get it. If you haven’t seen the new workout with Kelly click here to check it out. Both of these DVDs were purchased on Stay tuned for a review of both DVDs in the future.
Side note…this morning I slept through my workout time because of a late night and now I feel tired and sluggish. This observation just proved that working out in the morning keeps me energized throughout the day.
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