Thursday, May 13, 2010

Natural Hair Celebration

Last month, late I know, my girlfriend and I drove to Austin, Texas for the and Miss Jesse’s Natural Hair Celebration. Miko and Titi were in attendance answering questions, meeting and greeting, and performing hair tranformations. Also in attendance were a couple of gurus from you tube and known vloggers. Natural Chica is a vlogger I personally follow and love was in attendance. Go ahead and check out her blog to view even more pictures. See if you can find me in the crowd.

Experiencing the use of Miss Jesse’s (MJ) products from the creators themselves was amazing. Titi used different products on different hair types, even a transitioning sister, and the results were awesome every time. She even used their Quick Curls product on a Caucasian sister and had rave results. For a split second I regretted my protective style because I wanted to try the products BUT reality kicked in. Miss Jesse’s products are not on the “affordable” side in my opinion but the products are wonderful. In the future I may try the products but time will tell because these days my hair is pickey.

At the event MJ products were sold by Curly Mart for on the spot purchasing. Also, refreshments were set up for all attendees to enjoy. Each sister was greeted with a goody bag that had a shower comb, brochure, and order form inside. Honestly, a sample product would have been nice since I have never used the product line before.

All in all, the event was great and a nice experience for naturals, transitioners, and those who are on the fence. This event was not for women only because we had some natural brothers in the audience as well. Of course, the crowd singed “awwwwww” as the lovely natural kiddies got up to ask Miko a question about the products. Beautiful!

If you have the opportunity to attend an event in your area I say go for it. We had a great time on our mini road trip. Till next time…

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