Monday, May 10, 2010

Girl, are you still in love...

…with your hair? YES! The older the gets the more I fall in love. Everyday is glamorous no matter what I’m wearing. Surprisingly, my hair is really holding up during my workouts. Simply, I pull my hair back into two pony tails away from my face and neck. An hour or two after my workout my hair is still up in this fashion until my scalp dries. Every week I cleanse and moisturize my hair and scalp with witch-hazel and my oil mix.

The oil mix I’m using is castor oil and coconut oil because these oils work well on my hair. When I had my last sew in the oil of choice was Sulu Max Gro, a growth oil. This oil gave great results and helped me to reach arm pit length. However, this oil was everywhere and shirt collars paid the price. Plus my weave was left looking very greasy which is not a cute look. The castor oil and coconut oil mix is a thicker consistency and my hair absorbs these oils quicker.

During the days of the “Tia” lace front I learned a lesson on matted hair. The hair fell near my bra strap so tangles were constant every day. No matter how much wig oil was used to help with the tangles nothing worked. This was a lesson learned for my crochet braids which is why I opted for a shoulder length bob style. According to other ladies, this style lasts for 3-4 weeks. For me, I figured less time since I work out 4-5 times a week if not taken care of properly. However, three weeks later my hair is still fierce. Occasionally, I spot frizz but the beauty of weave allows you to snip it off. When frizzy curls rear their ugly heads I start a search and destroy method. Since my hair is curly I have no worries about uneven curls.

At night I sleep with my satin bonnet and in the morning just shake and go. The curls fall right into place then I fluff for added volume. Hopefully, my hair holds up a couple of more weeks before getting it re-styled. For now this is my summer style of choice and I love it. Till next time…

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