Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Any thoughts 1 year later?

When I first started my transition it was a breeze. Lucky for me, I started running into roadblocks closer to the 1 year mark. There are a lot of long term transitioners turned short term transitioners around the six month mark and BC’d. Fortunately, for me I was able to push through to my 1 year mark AND decide to continue another year. Honestly, for the last couple of months I have debated that decision.

Once fully natural I will have major shrinkage, like most naturals, sporting around 10 inches of hair shrunken to 2 inches. For some that’s not a big deal but for me it is. Unlike most, I’m not style savvy with my hair: meaning I lack the ability to come up with cute styles. Needless to say I’m going to love to “wash-n-go” because not a lot of “styling” is needed, per se.

Then there’s finding products that work for your hair. Right now I feel schizophrenic when it comes to products and trying to stay positive. Constantly, I’m trying new products that will work with both hair textures; sometimes a success, sometimes a failure. Those products that are a success seem to stop working after a while; if that makes any sense. Instead of tossing the product, I keep it to revisit once fully natural.

Next is battle with workouts! Finally, I’m in a set routine of working out at least minimum 4 days a week. Now, my routines vary week to week because I’m unable to head to the gym 4 days in a row. In order to compensate I bought several workout DVDs for at-home workouts. Actually working out is not the issue, sweating out my hair is the issue. Once fully natural I will have to rinse or co-wash my hair daily or at least each day I workout. The sweat drenches my hair and leaves it a dry matted mess if I skip cleansing and re-moisturizing. What’s the plan? Well, my plan is to wear a protective style Monday thru Friday (work out days) and sport my natural tresses on the weekend.

What protective styles do you have in mind? Great question! At this time crochet braids but when I need a break from the braids: the infamous pony or bun and when I’m feeling glamorous my twist-n-bun. Protective styles are a plus for me because they require little to no manipulation and little effort on my part. Patience is a virtue and I have little of it so time consuming hairstyles late at night is not an option. However, I’m gaining patience each day on my natural journey. Lucky for me, wearing the same hairstyle day in and day out is a life saver but there are other women who get bored quickly.

Are you going to continue your journey to natural hair? Another excellent question and the answer is Yes! Freedom from relaxers feels oh so good and going back is not an option. My hair is the healthiest it’s been in a long time. For now, my plan is to keep my hair hidden away and protected in order to maintain my length and promote growth.

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