Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Sometimes all it takes is 1

Last night Jeremy and I were talking about hair. The conversation started out with him telling me how his sister explained to him the dynamics of our hair oppose to our Caucasian brothers and sisters. It seems his niece wants to wear her beautiful, mid-back length, hair down to school this week but her mom said no. The conversation evolved into talking about the movie “Good Hair”. He finally had the chance to watch the movie and called it “informative”.

While typing I chuckle because he said the movie answered a lot of unanswered questions about old girlfriend’s behavior. For instance, he could never understand why his ex-girlfriends will never get in the pool or go near water. Of course I explained our reasoning further so he can understand completely. Then we talked about other aspects of the movie and our viewpoints.

When the movie first premiered of course I went to my favorite hair care boards to see my fellow sister’s reactions. The reactions were split; some women liked the movie and others thought it “sucked”. Since I viewed the movie from a “transitioner’s” eye my thoughts fell in the middle. Just my opinion, the movie did not have an equal balance of relaxed and natural sisters portrayed. To see natural sisters representing their tresses after receiving all the information on relaxers and weaves would have made the movie better. Again this is my opinion. However, I do not despised Chris Rock and actually applaud his efforts for at least exploring the “phenomenon” of black women hair in order to encourage his daughter to love her hair.

Jeremy actually liked the movie. As mentioned before the movie provided a lot of “Ah Ha” moments for him (chuckles). Overall, in his words, after watching the movie he was hype and proud to have a natural sister on his arm. For second I was stunned and asked “Are you talking about me?” Silly me, I know. Of course his response was “yes, you!” The movie made him realize how hard it is to go against the norm (being relaxed) and rock your natural glory and just be you. The fact that I’m transitioning, or natural as he calls it, takes lots of courage on my part and speaks volumes in his eyes.

The excitement in his voice almost made me cry. Jeremy has always supported my decision from the beginning; but to have him more excited than I am is just icing on the cake. Now, I feel even more inspired to stay the course; sometimes all it takes is one person to give the extra push.

Just when I thought he couldn’t give me another reason to love him; he does.

This is month 4 into my transition. Flat iron to trim my ends then used my caruo for curls.

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