Monday, April 12, 2010

Do I have to accept the Frizz?

This is a question I wonder if other naturals or transitioners have asked themselves. I found myself one morning constantly brushing my edges trying to achieve the “smooth” look for my pony tail. Then I had a realization. First, I needed to stop brushing my edges so much because I can cause damage. Secondly, my new growth is really wavy when brushed back so I need to work with my hair not against it.

That morning I used my aloe vera gel and my jam for my edges and frizz was still the result. At that moment the question “do I have to accept the frizz” popped in my head. I’ve seen so many videos of other naturals wearing pony tails with out the frizz around their edges. Once again I have to learn to perfect another, very simple when relaxed, task for my transitioning hair.

That night once I got home and moisturized my hair I decided to tackle the beast instead of waiting until the next morning. I used my aloe vera gel and jam to lay down my edges and battle the frizz. Next I added my Elasta QP mango butter brushed my hair back in my ponytail and put on my scarf. The next morning my problem was solved. By adding the mango butter to my technique helped to lay my hair down to my desire.

I’m so happy this worked for me because I was starting to feel tired of dealing with my new growth. Now my spirits are lifted and I’m continuing my journey to Natural Hair. I must admit the first 6 months was a breeze, so to speak. Now that I have entered my 13th month and counting I’m starting to run into more challenges. So to answer my own question: No, I do not have to accept the frizz.

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